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Cintale Release A Full-Length Album

Cintale returns with a full-length and very in-depth album release that has a unique way of touching on different forms of struggles throughout life and how we may deal with them.

The Brickwall Pt2: Emanate record goes through a series of beautifully performed and passionate songs that have a wonderful wife interconnecting with each other much like a concept record would.

Each one of these songs has a sort of persona of their own and although they stand on their own two feet amazingly as singles, listening to the album as a whole is the way to go with this one.

It's clear that a lot or even all of these songs come from a personal life experience and are built off of something genuine and real because you can feel that in the music and hear it in the lyrics.

Everything is heartfelt and comes from different perspectives, but it all has such heavy relatability to it because it just talks about the trials and tribulations of being human.

In life we all go through different challenges and pleasurable experiences as well. Things that make us sad and things that make us happy but all those in combination are what actually makes life so full.

I think this record has pinpointed some of those inner feelings and emotions that relate to those experiences and how one man perceived them.

We can all connect with something like that, and this is part of why the record is indeed as connective as it is.

Layers upon layers of thick vocal harmonies that are put down with such colorful and unique character make the record atmospheric and allow you to step into his world for the time being which feels good.

Listening to this record as a whole is almost like going to see a good movie or reading a really good book.

You get to dive into someone else's emotion and experiences and live those through his eyes and inner thoughts for a while and in a way, that takes effect on how you think so in terms of that especially, the album is indeed quite impactful.

There's a lot going on throughout the course of the album and you can tell that the intricacies were paid attention to while the heart of the release is always beating strong and on top.

So, there's this wonderful sheen on the production and he's done an amazing job of taking these different textures and letting them melt into each other to build one solid soundscape.

On top of that you have a lot of hooks and melodies that stick with you and have you humming different parts in your head throughout the day.

Again, there are some great songs that are perfect as standalone singles but to really grasp the full effect of the music, the whole album should be listened to in its entirety.

I know what you're thinking, who's got the time for that right?

Well, you can do it on the ride home from work or when you just have a little bit of free time. Pop some headphones on kick back and get into it because this is an album that's definitely worth getting into.

Outstanding R&B and soul flows throughout the veins of this release and we wanted to talk to Cintale once more to see how this whole record came to be and what it means to him.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: Welcome back! I'd love to start with the new record BrickWall PT2: Emanate!! The album is so lush with soul and honesty! What is the album about?

The album is about metaphorical BrickWalls in our life. Things that put a hindrance, or a blockage in our lives whether that be spiritually, emotionally, physically or mentally and how do we get over or through them.

Buzz Slayers: Is this a concept record? It feels as though it might be.

This is indeed a concept album, BrickWall PT2: Emanate is actually the sister album to BrickWall PT1 (EP) released in 2021.

Buzz Slayers: What are you performing on the record besides vocals?

I am definitely performing the background, adlibs, the altered speaking voice on Track #3 Fiyah! so mainly just vocals, I don't play any instruments unfortunately.

Buzz Slayers: Did it take you long to build this whole album?

Yes, It actually took me 2 1/2 years to prepare this album. The concept was always there but due to COVID-19 and the restrictions it made me put some things on the back burner. Then, there were songs that I did not use, but I put 5 of those songs together and made an EP entitled "Piece of Me" which is available on my soundcloud for FREE. (LOL) This album went through about 7 different lists before all the songs were actually chosen to complete the final list.

Buzz Slayers: Some of these songs feel like you had to get things off your chest. Was this record cathartic for you to create?

In a way it was cathartic, I had some much wisdom that I had gained in those years that I had to share with the world. There are so many people today that are going through a lot of struggles and music can be that healing bridge or that the thing that gives you strength to make it.

Buzz Slayers: The record has a lot of textures and instrumentation. Did this come out close to how you had it in your head?

No, the album actually came out better than I expected. The first version was going in a totally different direction musically, but still in some ways conveyed the same message about overcoming the brick walls in your life.

Buzz Slayers: How do you go about writing songs? Does it start with a vocal melody? It's different for everyone. What's your process?

My writing process is odd sometimes. I mainly get a lot of my inspiration late nights. It all depends on the beat that I'm listening to, that could start the melody or just my hypeness about the beat itself. (If that makes any sense?) I normally can come up with a hook super-fast and then a verse, but sometimes if my first verse is so strong, I have to match the same energy so sometimes it could take days or even weeks to complete. Other than that, I'll leave it alone until I come back to it.

Buzz Slayers: Can we expect any music videos coming from this album?

I want to definitely have a music video so that is something that is being worked on. Sorry, I can't say much until it's happening.

Buzz Slayers: Did you mix the album as well? There are a lot of flowing backing vocals and harmonies, so it feels like a lot to handle.

Yes, I did mix the album vocals which is a process in itself. Making sure you can hear the layers clearly and that they're not overpowering the leads. It seems like a lot, but I am an indie/independent artist so my budget is my own, and so to cut costs you kind of become a jack of all trades.

Buzz Slayers: Will you be doing shows now that the album is out?

I actually did my first show from the lead single "Jesus is Real" at Calvary Temple Church in Williamsport , MD. The video is on cintalegospelmusic on facebook. So, definitely check that out. I will be performing at the Harvest Hoedown in October on stage. I don't have all the details yet, but once I do they'll be posted on my facebook page.

Buzz Slayers: Are you working on anything else now?

Hmm, Yes I am always working. I have so much music that hasn't been heard yet and also I am networking with some awesome producers like Ryini Beats, David Linhof, Anno Domini and Mrruffupdaspeaker Beats is a just a few to name.

Buzz Slayers: Anything you'd like to express to fans of the music? What;s your message?

I want to express my extreme heart filled appreciation for all of the continued love & support, the prayers, the words of encouragement and just you all taking time out to listen to my music. Just continue to pray for me and I will do the same for you. I want them to know that God gets all the glory and honor for giving me this gift to be able to help others come closer to him through music. Love you all!

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