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Chester Doom Drops A Full-Length Emotionally Driven Album

A full-length album release from Chester Doom brings on that late 90's alternative radio rock we all love and honestly miss also. The record boasts passionate and soulful vocal styles and although the songwriting and soundscape borders on a lighter and more contemporary rock tonality, the release still keeps to that harder edged rock approach.

The Masks album is packed with outstanding songs that feel like musical journeys to an extent as they do have this emotional drive that gives off quite a cinematic undertone.

This record showcases the bands' ability to really write and perform heartfelt singles that get that feel across just the way they should.

The songs also feel very relatable and as guitars wail and drums rock, you listen to those lyrics also. And you get a vivid picture per song as the vocalist really does a great job of storytelling.

Songs come through descriptive and the album as a whole begins to create an atmosphere of its own.

And you get attached to these stories as they become chapters and the record begins to feel almost like a concept album would.

Though subtle at times, the guitar work on this record is very well done. Tasteful and performed with passion just as the vocals are.

This really does a killer job at filling that gap you've had for this brand of rock. It's been too long and we're so happy to hear a band do this sound with such a gusto and with so much creative heart.

If you love one song, you'll love all of them.

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