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Chad Carrier – "Not Alone"

Chad Carrier is an award-winning artist, an Academy Award nominated songwriter and has been in multiple bands in the past. Now Carrier is releasing his second solo effort entitled Not Alone. The album is awash in Americana and country layers with a couple of punk twists here and there. It is an exciting album, filled with energy and revved performances. With 13 tracks total, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s get going.

Not Alone gets going with “Die On That Hill,” where some energized fiddle and drums come in for an invigorating sound. I was getting some Americana and country here. Once Carrier’s vocals come in, it definitely clinches this. I loved how enthused the combined vocals were here. Some acoustic guitars light up the sound on “Silence.” The vibe was very stripped back as the acoustic guitar simply supported Carrier’s vocals. I liked this simplistic approach. “Devo On Dope” starts off with some wonky keys that gives this a funk vibe. There was a psychedelic feel mixed with a dash of country. I thought this was an interesting take. The fun-loving vibe made for a great sound. The fiddle was also a great addition here. The title track “Not Alone” is a mellower take than the previous tracks. It starts out with a great acoustic vibe and lively percussion. The song felt laid-back. Carrier’s voice takes on a solemn approach as he sings with his heart on his sleeve.

Some spaghetti western vibes come in on “Boostrap Cantina.” I thought Carrier infuses tons of characterization on this song. I was reminded of a Tarantino Film. I was getting surf and psychedelic vibes on “Check My Soul.” I liked the upbeatness of this song. The catchy and sunny tunes really made my day. There was a touch of punk rock here which definitely added to the vibes. Simmering guitar chord progressions roll in on “Hanging Out In Hollywood.” Some end-of-the-times drums come in. The vibe here was very ominous. Once Carrier’s vocal arrives this more than clinches this.

On “I Wanna Hurt,” a rhythmic pulse could be heard from the guitars. This made for an intense vibe. Carrier shouts out his vocals with gusto. I thought this track had a great punk rock sound. Slowly the music becomes louder in vibe. This was a stripped back song with tons of flavor. On “My Name Is Chad,” some fast guitar chord progressions come through. I enjoyed the energy of this acoustic number. This proved to be an upbeat and melodious listen. Some shimmering instrumentals come in on “Bubbles.” The sound was slow burning and sentimental. I noticed there was some nostalgia to the lyrics which I thought was a whimsical and great way to end the album.

Immediately after I hit play, I was hit by the immense energy of the record. Carrier and the band didn’t hold back. It looks like they throw everything they have into the music, and it shows. I can tell the band has a great rapport as they jam to their heart’s content like good, old friends who've been around the circuit for a long time. With that being said, I loved the energy of this album and I’m sure you will too!

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