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Brian Lambert Reutrns With Two New Singles

Brian Lambert returns with a few new releases that each have their own message to send and a unique approach.

"Face Master" is a track that comes through rocking right from the get-go and brings together this classic rock approach along with a pop rock and more current feel but it also has a little bit more of an edgy drive to it which pushes the envelope just enough.

Brian is a man of many talents musically and when he releases a single you never quite know exactly what you're going to get but you know it's going to be memorable, and this song certainly is but it's also just this fun rock soiree that gives off a certain attitude in color to it that gets you attached to a pretty quickly.

The single thrush is out but does so on a cleaner side of things where it's not sloppy, it's super tight but it's also loaded with energy and character so that you can jump around the living room to it and sing along with your fist in the air if you want to.

I enjoy the borderline lo-fi undertone to this track because he does whatever he wants for this production musically and it can be incredibly high quality and crisp, and polished or it can be more like this where it's still very high quality but it's got that low-fi aesthetic to it and I think he's able to work with this his soundscape to that level.

Another track recently released with the likes of Harmoni Kelley and As Particles Collide called "Never Back Down", has a robust and almost punk rock feel to it which I also adored because there's something about this track that feels like you've been listening to it on the radio for years now.

This track also provides the same kind of aesthetic and drive to it and it's got this lush personality that sort of reaches out and grabs you as well along with great musical and guitar hooks which is something that I tend to miss in rock music of today.

The vocal harmonies on this one are great because you can hear Brian collaborating with Harmoni on the choruses and it really works like a charm.

This helps give the song such a full-bodied feel and it comes through with an excitable and electric tonality and energy that you end up just loving.

These tracks do an amazing job of showcasing Brian Lambert's ability to turn out these pop-rock bangers that have a liveliness to them and a unique energy that gives off something that you want more of.

I mean, he makes it sound easy even though I know it's definitely not.

These songs are both catchy, and fun, and they stick with you for a long time after they're done.

I myself listen to both of them about three times just to really get my fill.

Check both of these out for yourself when you get a chance and don't be afraid to turn them up.

Remember where you heard it first.

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