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Blaine The Mono Brings A Massive Rock Record

An album release from Blaine the Mono it's a wonderful and haunting cross between alternative rock and classic rock undertones that come together with a series of almost psychedelic effects and soundscapes that build into these massive choruses and hard-hitting riffs when it wants to.

The Virago album is filled with gorgeously toned guitar work that ranges from that harder Edge to that more filtered classic rock feel especially with the guitar solo sections.

All these aspects combined with percussion and drumming that just feels alive and, in your face, and vocals that come through from the female fronted soul packed performance makes for something that's incredibly memorable.

This is a massive record, and you don't really know what to expect from song to song which is part of its allure but either way you know you're getting something that is going to grab your attention and keep you where it wants you.

One of the sickest things about this band is its live presence. It almost feels like the album was partially recorded live on the floor because you can feel these players feeding off of each other's energies almost the entire time.

If nothing else this really makes you want to see them live because on record, they have such a massive energy and character that you get enticed right off the bat.

There's not much about this album that's not infectious as hell and one of the most intricate parts about it are these riffs and time signatures that follow an almost abnormal pattern and then flow seamlessly into these choruses and hooks that you end up just bobbing your head along with or putting your fists in the air and singing along.

Either way it's a win-win because this record definitely takes you to a different place all together and also has the ability to keep parts of different songs bouncing around in your head for days on end.

This entire band has massive passion for what they do and the love for their craft which shines through with every single track on this record.

That's not something you can say often about a lot of different kinds of music obviously but when you hear it you know it.

It's great to hear a record with so much subtle and harsh dynamic being balanced from songs that float and haunt to songs that shred in a fierce manner and let out aggression.

I suggest listening to this entire album all the way through honestly.

Don't get me wrong there are songs that definitely hold their own ground as singles without question, but this whole record is supposed to be soaked in.

That's just the way to do it with releases like this.

Plus, there are some videos for some of the singles that really show this band's presence as well, so we've got some of those below for you to check out this is one of the best ways to get introduced to the band honestly.

But after that pop on some headphones and pop this album in full, it's awesome.

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