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Blackwood Drops New Music

Blackwood is a hard rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, that formed in 2021, consisting of Chris O’Brien (vocals/guitars), David Dicks (drums), Keith White (guitars) and Steve Burgess (bass). Once you hit play, the band’s hard-hitting sound will definitely reel you in. Not just that, but the band’s great energy and rapport has a way of also drawing you closer to the sound. Today, we will be reviewing a series of singles from the band. The group shows they are in top form throughout and the energy doesn’t abate but continues to be consistent until the very last note. Blackwood introduces their radioactive sound with their debut single “Inundated One.” Right from the get-go some energized guitar riffs enter. The vibe is adamant once O’Brien’s vocals settle in. This kind of music reminded me of Metallica and Guns & Roses. The driven and hard-hitting sound could be experienced right from the beginning. The guitars sounded spectacular here and there’s screams that add an edgy element to this track. Up next is “Train,” where some dark instrumentals reel in a driven sound at the start of this single. The energy is adamant and the band keeps on top of it all. There was some hard rock mixed in with some metal here. I loved how gritty the band’s sound was. It’s like the band isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. They unleash a powerful rock sound that will definitely get you moving around in no time. The band is off to a great start with “Lose It All,” where some bombastic guitars roll in at the start. O’Brien’s vocals are hushed with expectancy here. Next, his vocals become more adamant. The driven energy of this track can go from a coo to a scream at the drop of a hat. I also liked how gritty the band’s sound was here, which I thought went on to give off a powerful sound. Lastly is “Lullaby” and the band changes up their approach with this single. There was a more sauntering groove to this. I was immediately getting some country and folk vibes. The tunes were really soothing, but the band keeps to their dramatic signature sound and toward the chorus, the emotional buildup is released. A great ballad through and through. Blackwood has truly made something raw and powerful here. With these four singles they show us that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Brimming with happening grooves, sultry beats and emotional vocals, the band is only getting started. With that being said, I look forward to hearing more music from them soon!

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