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Ann Gray “Top Fifteen” “Sorry Excuse” “No Good Partier”

Ann Gray's musical journey feels like a familiar tale of youthful inspiration. It's reminiscent of those high school days when picking up a guitar marked the beginning of a musical odyssey.

Gray's promising start in the music scene is notable; she exudes the confidence of someone with years of experience. Starting with "Top Fifteen," a track with a hint of '80s nostalgia, her guitar work shines and the rhythm drives, but it's her compelling vocal delivery that truly connects with the listener.

But Gray isn't confined to one style. Her emotionally charged folk performance on "Sorry Excuse" showcases impressive guitar picking, yet, once again, it's her stirring vocals that steal the spotlight. Lyrically, it reflects the introspection of someone in their mid-twenties.

In her latest release, "No Good Partier," Gray returns to an '80s vibe, this time leaning more into synths. It's arguably the catchiest of the three, with a hook that beckons the listener to dance along.

Ann Gray is crafting good music at a remarkably young age. However, it's worth considering how she might blend these two genres into a signature sound that's uniquely hers. In the grand scheme of things, this young artist possesses immense potential. These songs are undeniably impressive, and it's clear that Ann Gray is just scratching the surface of her musical journey.

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