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Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice deliver a vast space rock record

An album release from Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice breeds a pop-oriented funk and rock record that boasts a refreshing and unique approach to the genre by touching on twangy guitar solos, full and lush organs, and vocals that are melodically driven to go along with the rolling southern percussion.

The Potatoes on Mars album is laced with psychedelic synths and undertones of its spacy concept album songwriting style as the record is vast and each song does have a different feel to give to the listener.

Although the songs each speak plenty for the release, the album as a whole is the best way to really soak this in.

The record is meant as a concept album and is actually better from start to finish as opposed to scattered about even though there are several gems on this release.

The album showcases a wild and vast soundscape with all kinds of natural and digital instrumentation that gives it a rounded but unique feel.

The songs are all intertwined and give you an almost nostalgic feel as some songs tell stories like they were memories. This causes your own memories to pop into your head as the record takes you on its journey.

Bass tones swell, guitars are ambient and can be up front and funky with lively energy and vibrancy.

This is the type of record to listen to on a long drive or walk. With headphones, alone with only yourself is the best way.

Then you can really get washed away with the massive sounds of this spacious and freeing album.

A wonderfully performed and written record that really shows diversity in songwriting, Potatoes on Mars delivers.

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