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An Interview With Sinner Sinners

A new EP release from Sinner Sinners is comprised of covers of essential classics and they certainly take their own spin on each one and that comes with fuzz toned bendy guitars, a lively energy, and a massive soundscape that feels live and in your face.

The EP starts off with "Big Bird" originally by Eddy Floyd, and it's got some heavy-handed impact and a sheer rock tone with horns and loads of presence.

They surely put everything they have into these tracks and that shows plenty of face on "keep Me Hanging On" originally by The Supremes.

The track blasts off from the first second and that energy doesn't let up at all.

That's where that live performance feel comes from. Just the way they all feed off of each other's energies is crazy and it gets your blood pumping quickly.

Sinner Sinners have a way with getting loose and having fun on their tracks and still keeping everything uniform and with these covers, they do such a killer job of not only doing the originals justice but creating their own sound to make it happen.

The third and final cover is "Jumping Someone Else's Train" originally by The Cure and goddamn do they rock this one out. The swagger and attitude is spot on and it has a power behind it that grabs at you.

With such a massive EP, we wanted to have a chat with the band to talk shop about where this all came from.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: Let's kick things off with the Hanging On EP. This one has a hard rock but pop feel to it. Where did this record come from? They’re covers of pop songs with louder drums. We’re working on an album right now and we always record a few covers when we do. We had the opportunity to record some songs with a horn section so we got to play songs we could never play without it, couldn’t miss out. Buzz Slayers: What made you decide to cover "Keep Me Hanging On"? Awesome work on that one by the way! To challenge ourselves, it’s a pretty hard song to play for a punk band, especially the bass and vocals, We’re really glad you like it. Buzz Slayers: So when did music start affecting you? When did you know making music was something you wanted to be doing? I started playing guitar around 12 or 13 to be like the cool kids, and started playing in bands around 16 or 17, haven’t stopped since. Buzz Slayers: What inspires you guys to write a song? Listening to music and seeing shows. Buzz Slayers: This track has some great styles! Can you all give us some of your top musical influences? I can’t tell you who we’re stealing from but I’d say our biggest influences would be the Damned and the Stooges Buzz Slayers: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music? I can’t speak for the rest of the band but I’m Skateboarding and painting, every day Buzz Slayers: Who's in all your headphones right now? A lot of Viagra Boys lately Buzz Slayers: Are you guys doing any live performances right now? We’re focusing on the album right now but as soon as we’re done we’ll go back to touring Buzz Slayers: This EP feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming bands out there? Yes, stay in school and don’t play active pickups Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you guys in the near future? A new album and to see us in a town near you Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music? Thank you for keeping us going for the past 13 years

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