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An Interview With ReLoVe

One of the latest in a line of single releases from ReLoVe definitely has a vivacious approach to it with backing vocals that sound almost like a gospel and a classic rock tone that come together and really hit towards a psychedelic rock feel at times but sticks to that catchy sort of pop rock polish.

"Looking For a Reason" is a total banger from beginning to end and does indeed have some great songwriting to it along with inventive production not to mention a fiddle solo that adds such a cool vibe to the song because when you hear it you feel like maybe that was originally a guitar solo but then it was decided to do violin or fiddle instead.

This track is endlessly fun, and it's got a unique buried of honesty to it lyrically, and that kind of catches your attention right from the first verse because it also becomes relatable as a lot of songs from this project tend to be.

This track in particular has a heavy-handed chorus that hits enough times for you to be singing it along while you're driving or standing in line to get coffee, so listening to it first thing in the morning not only kind of brightens your day a little bit because it feels like you can understand it and relate to it so much, but it's also musically bright itself and that vibrancy can be infectious along with that hook which certainly helps.

This track also boasts that same electric energy that a lot of the other singles do which has quickly become a staple feature of ReLoVe in general and something that I've come to really love about the project.

A lot of selected singles released from ReLoVe come with these great videos that are animated in some way shape or form and this one falls right in line with them as it's got this drawn and sketched video that's animated with such a fun approach that it matches the song.

With the release of such a catchy and righteous single, we wanted to have a sit-down with Glenn Jost of ReLoVe to find out a little more about the track and the project itself.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: What’s one question you’re sick of being asked when interviewed?


I don’t get interviewed much but some say that “Your music is hard to pinpoint…, and are you some kind of Christian on a soapbox?”  Well, my songs range in styles merging many elements together.  But there is a common thread of optimism and positivity, centered on discovering our highest self within.  Some say God, Christ, Creator, Allah, etc., but it’s sad to be labeled for simply sharing a message of LOVE.  I tell ya, it doesn’t seem like human nature desires to do what is right, so I believe goodness comes from a creative force infinitely greater than ourselves…  Some people don’t believe and don’t want to hear about faith, but that’s ok.  If you can’t love it right the first time, you can always ReLoVe!          


Buzz Slayers: Tell us something about your latest single ‘Looking for a Reason’?


Well, this is the very first song that I wrote in those New York City sessions with a bass guitar, drum machine, and a pencil. The demo lived on a cassette for decades until re-recorded in 2021 with the lyrics, melody, and arrangement remaining the same. I’ve always been ‘Looking for a Reason’, for purpose, for meaning in life, which I think all humans can relate to in their own way.  It’s very special to bring this song back to life to a world where common sense and reason seem void.


Buzz Slayers: What’s happening with it? 


We released the single and video “Looking for A Reason” and embarked on a National U.S. radio campaign which spans to Top40, Hot AC, and College radio stations. Last week it entered #81 on HOT100 Chart, which is a Compilation of Top40, AC and Hot AC radio station paylists including Major and Independently released singles in the US. The accompanying video available to stream has already reached over 51K views on YouTube features a fun, creative sketch animation and pure positivity. Some tell me this is the best one yet!  I’m very thankful for the inspiration and all the friends that keep ‘showing up’ in my life to help spread the message.



This new 7-song collection digs much deeper, both musically and lyrically, than their previous smiley pop-centered 'Music on a Mission!' EP released in 2019 on AWAL. Always prompting the questions that need to be asked, Glenn Jost's vocals and lyrics keep challenging the complex socio-spiritual reality we all share. Jost wrote the songs and organically tracked drums and acoustic guitars with bandmate producer Victor Bender. Hussain Jiffry (Herb Alpert) laid down his serious bass guitar grooves, while multi-instrumentalist Bender produced and filled in all the keyboards and electric guitars. Newly added violin virtuoso and opera singer Leah Zeger (Hans Zimmer), elevates this eclectic music to afoot-stompin' yet sophisticated place, merging all the elements of country funk, reggae soul, and bubblegum retro-pop effortlessly together as one.

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