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An Interview With Jennifer Alvarado

A killer new single from Jennifer Alvarado brings together that raw rock country style that puts forth a true grit southern attitude which in turn is one of the most addicting things about the track in general. That is of course aside from well and guitars stomping drums and a deep groove of catchiness that gets you hooked almost immediately.

"Catfish" Gives us everything from a powerful track like this. This one is like a sucker punch to the gut, and it certainly leaves a mark. We definitely mean all that in the bay possible that is.

this one's got a massive swing to it and feels as impactful as it does energetic and alive.

Alvarado performs with such a massive heart and those pipes are undeniable from top to bottom.

Packing a punch like this one really takes the breath out of you and this single give us such a wonderful portrayal of power and fire.

This is the kind of artist that really grabs at you and when she gets your attention, which is pretty much as soon as she opens her mouth, she is able to hold on tight and take you for a ride.

The release is incredibly fun and really gets you wanting to move. It feels good and almost empowering, and her attitude is addictive as hell.

With the release of such a badass single, we wanted to touch base with Jennifer Alvarado see where this single came from and what may be next for the artist.

Here's what happened.

Buzz Slayers: I'd love to start off by talking about the new single, "Catfish" which has a really killer Country rock style! Where did this song stem from?

Thanks so much! Funny enough, I never intended to record “Catfish.” I wrote the song after a period of writer’s block and was thinking about the term “Catfish” and the double meanings behind it. This song was in my “throw away” pile for about two years and I pulled it back out and let my producer hear it. He encouraged me to record it. Buzz Slayers: What influences would you say really come through in your music?

I grew up listening to almost everything music wise. My grandparents and their love for traditional Country and Contemporary Country heavily influenced me. There is something particularly nostalgic to me about 90’s country music. My mom loved Classic Rock and Top 40, so artists like The Eagles, Tom Petty and Whitney Houston also have influenced my sound. Because of my faith and my pursuit of worship ministry and love of Contemporary Christian music, that also plays heavily into the themes of my music. Buzz Slayers: Are you playing live shows right now?

Yes. I play 3-4 live shows a week. That fluctuates depending on if I am doing mini-tours through particularly areas and/or I have interviews/podcasts happening. Buzz Slayers: Do you think we'll see a music video coming from you soon?

Yes. That is one of my goals for 2023. I want to do a better job of getting the visual representations out there for the songs. I think it can be beneficial with putting a face with a sound. Buzz Slayers: How often do you release new songs and is there an album in the works?

I try to go no more than two months between song releases. The holiday season slowed down that goal a little bit, but I should have a new single coming out soon. I am currently in the studio wrapping up Part Two of my project titled “Songbird.” Part One was released back in July and I am hoping Part Two will be out in March. Buzz Slayers: What is your absolute favorite part of doing what you do?

Meeting people. I believe everyone has a story. I love when someone comes up and tells me how a song impacted them or they are able to relate to it. I believe we all have a story to tell if not to break our own chains, then to help break the chains keeping someone else down. Buzz Slayers: What are some things that you do aside from music? Or does music take up the most of your time?

I am heavily involved with recovery ministry. I am a Worship Pastor for a local church, but I also serve as a Worship Leader for a Celebrate Recovery ministry. I’ve been there since 2013 and believe very much in creating a safe place for those in recovery. Buzz Slayers: If you could express one thing to fans of your stuff, what would that be?

My biggest goal is to give someone hope. Growing up, I was the introverted shy kid. I was teased. I never felt good enough and so music was my safe place. Other artists’ lyrics gave me the assurance that someone else knew how I felt. If I can help one person feel like they are not alone and/or understood, I feel like I’ve done my part. The first time I remember singing in public was when I was 4 or 5 years old. It was for a pre-school Christmas party. I think I honestly only was given the solo because I was unafraid to sing loudly, and I had the words memorized. My grandmother used to tell me that I started singing before I could even speak actual words. I guess it’s just always been a part of who I am:)

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