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An Interview With Dumbfox

A new EP release from Dumbfox brings on a flurry of indie-pop and indie pop rock blended together on one massive record that paints with such a bright colored palette and a certain level of honesty and loads of catchy hooks that make songs incredibly danceable.

The Trying Some Stuff EP is packed to the brim with vibrant instrumentation and smart songwriting that all takes on this youthful and alive approach that makes you want to sing along or shake your ass in your seat half the time.

You get some great pop-punk elements along with 90's radio rock vibes across the board with songs that incorporate rock guitars and digital beats and there is this whole sort of atmosphere the record exudes that is fun to soak in.

There is this nostalgic undertone to it all and you can tell there are songs here that are indeed emotionally driven underneath it all. They come from someplace real whether they are more serious or not.

The EP is a pop soiree of loose fun but done with attention to detail and a bit of freedom. There are less boundaries than you normally hear on a record like this.

It's like listening to an older solo release from Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo.

After a bit you start realizing that you have no idea what to expect next but you know it's going to be a good time.

A surprising and outside the box release, the Trying Some Stuff EP has tons to offer in the way of catchy pop songs in all different styles.

With the release of this record, we wanted to have a chat with Dumbfox to see where this actually came from and what may be next.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: Let's kick things off with the Trying Some Stuff EP. This record has such an edgy alt rock to it. Where did this EP come from?

It’s kinda’ funny, really. Totally unplanned. I went to a friends apartment to record a song I had written, but while waiting in the parking lot, I was just so anxious, absolutely riddled with nerves. I ended up writing another song entirely. Once we were finally setting up, they had this 80’s kinda’ synthesizer sounding instrumental playing for some reason. It sounded like a John Hughes movie, which I found really ironic because the song I had written in the parking lot was called “Ferris Bueller.” I just kinda’ mentioned it, like “haha that’s crazy, I just wrote a song about Ferris Bueller this morning and this sounds like an 80’s movie.” And immediately they wanted to try it out and it ended up being the first thing we recorded. Suddenly, we’re all on this creative high, and I have all of these songs and ideas. One track turned to five. It was just so much fun. Then a few months later, we get a new guy at the movie theater I was working at. Turns out he wants to make music too. And now I got two more songs, now seven in total. It’s so funny to me looking back. I had only went in to record one song, ya know? But it was a floodgate. Ask any creator, once you start it’s so hard to stop. I just wanted and still want to keep trying stuff, and just see where it leads. Buzz Slayers: So when did music start affecting you? When did you know making music was something you wanted to be doing?

Ever since I first heard “All the Small Things” by blink-182, for sure. It was the first song that I could literally feel, like my physical body would buzz. My brother Shane got Enema of the State for his discman. And I wasn’t old enough to listen to that sorta’ stuff yet, ya know, the cd case had that capital “E” on it, and everything… So naturally, I’d steal it and hide under my bed, listen to the whole album, and then go sneak it back. I loved how the music made me feel and I’ve been chasing it ever since, but I wasn’t ready to do anything about it until I was a senior in college and started meeting people who actually were doing it. Buzz Slayers: This record has some great styles! Can you give us some of your top musical influences?

blink-182, Weezer, the Beatles. Gosh, there’s so many really, but I’ll just stick with three. Buzz Slayers: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

I’m actually working on animated series I’m developing. Film and television is my number one passion, which is awesome because music is such a big part of that world. Buzz Slayers: Who's in your headphones right now? Spiderhead” by Cage the Elephant.

Buzz Slayers: Are you guys doing any live performances right now?

We’re not really a “live band.” But it’s not something we’re totally opposed to… But as for now, the answer is no. Buzz Slayers: This EP feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming artists out there?

Try! You don’t need an excuse or permission to create. Do it because you want to and hold nothing back. Life is actually supposed to be fun, you can do whatever you want with it. A lot of people, for some reason, don’t know that, which is sad. Don’t be one of those people. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, but you just know you want to do something? TRY SOME STUFF! Find out what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re capable of, what you want to be capable of. Life is short. If you have an idea, run with it. Don’t wait. If you’re breathing, and you’re willing, your time is and will always be now. You got this.

Buzz Slayers: What can your fans expect from you guys in the near future?

There are a lot of songs in progress with no due date, but they’re on the way! Buzz Slayers: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Thank you, I love you! Please continue to share our music, and if anyone would like a CD, we have just 4 left!!!

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