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An Interview Karly C.

The latest single release from Karly C does a great job of presenting her character as an artist as you get a load of personality along with a bright form of edginess that also turns out a massive pop energy that feels almost inspirational.

"I Don't Even Like You" is a very crisp pop single that hints towards an alternative undertone but keeps to a nice and clean feel while letting her showcase how she does her thing.

This track is not over the top and the dynamics of it along with production are very well thought out and perfectly put in place as this track is incredibly catchy and has a way of sort of bringing elements of slightly different genres together to create something that sticks.

You even get a really great guitar solo towards the end of the track which is something that almost gives you the feeling of a classic retro pop song from the '80s or 90s.

So it's great to hear someone making pop music that is a little bit more expansive but still really radio-friendly.

Everyone loves little touches of vintage pop in their very current feeling Productions and just like her vocal performance everything is done with attention to detail but also with a lot of soul.

There are also some really cool buildups in the track that give a little bit of a cinematic vibe as well. There are these string synths in the background that ascend and give the song a floor bounce off of.

This aspect also gives that cinematic poignancy a little bit more drive.

And that's what it is with this song. It is a clean pop song but it does have that extra drive underneath everything.

But all in all, the biggest thing is likely those vocals because they're colorful but also have a lot of soul and heart in the delivery which makes things even more catchy.

A lot of this song ends up floating around in your brain and the only way to satiate that is to play it again which in turn of course, is the makings of a great single.

A song that you absolutely have to listen to again once it's over means it's good.

So, after hearing this we ended up talking with Karly about the song itself.

She was down for an interview and did a great job.

Here's what went down.

Buzz Slayers: Hey Karly, thank you for taking some time with us today!

I'd love to start with this single! "I Don't Even Like You" certainly had this edginess to it and still managed to come through as a heavy hitting pop song! What made you write this one?

KC: Pretty simple. I got sick of all of the creeps in my inbox who couldn't take a hint! It always starts out with a friend request, so I give them the benefit of the doubt. Then as almost completely expected they send a "hey" message. So I say "hi". Then it turns into "what are you doing?" so on and so forth until it eventually becomes some request to hang out, in which case I say I'm not interested or remind them that I'm engaged. So they start calling me the "C" word, or even worse, send disgusting pictures or videos of themselves doing disgusting things. So I have no choice but to block them.

Buzz Slayers: It sounds like you've been singing since you were a kid! Do you remember where this all began?

KC: Well, my mom always played music around the house like 90s country, 80s freestyle, 70s disco, Elvis. Stuff like that. So, I would just naturally sing along when I was just a toddler. Then by the time I was 8 or 9 my parents bought me a karaoke machine and I would pretend I was a contestant on American Idol. I took lessons for a little while, but the teacher ended up telling my mom there wasn't much more she could do with me.

Buzz Slayers: Do you collaborate with other writers on your music? Producers, etc?

KC: "sometimes" lol. It really depends on the project. For TV and film I've always collaborated with a producer. For Country I usually write my own songs, with the exception of my last single "I Was Gonna Love You" which I had a co-writer from Nashville help smooth things out in some areas. And I hire session players and a production and mastering team in Nashville to create radio ready tracks. For EDM I'm usually just the featured vocalist working with writing and production teams in the UK and Japan. And for pop-punk I write, engineer, and produce everything myself. My fiance/manager plays guitar and bass and helps co-produce it, and we hire a local drummer and guitarist occasionally.

Buzz Slayers: Can we expect any music videos for this single?

KC: There's already two lyric videos out there (clean and explicit) but we have been tossing the idea around of filming me just smashing a bunch of stuff and singing to the song lol

Buzz Slayers: Do you tour at all and if so, do you do it with a band?

KC: Not yet. Coincidentally we have a meeting in two days with some local musicians who I'm putting together as my band. It's out of necessity. I already have a show booked in Asbury Park NJ in November, so I need a band for that and figured why not start now and maybe book some more shows between now and then.

Buzz Slayers: It sounds like you write songs that are based on your own experiences. Is this true? Would you say that's what drives your music?

KC: Not usually. I did write this one about my own experiences, as well as my last single "In Love With Amazon Prime", and one other one that I put out in 2018 (Take Me As I Am). But I mostly just get ideas as I'm messing around on the piano or guitar and write about things and people that I see around me. Or I literally just make stuff up! lol I think that comes from my background writing for TV where they give me the scene and I have to make lyrics and a melody up about it.

Buzz Slayers: Can you tell us what your absolute favorite aspect is about doing what you do?

KC: Well, I love to sing first and foremost, but I'm absolutely obsessed with the recording process. We have a full-blown studio in our house with all of the latest technology and I spend hours and hours in there at least three nights a week until 2am most of the time.

Buzz Slayers: Do you have hobbies or anything else you are doing on the side?

KC: Well, I work full time in the medical field, and I have a bunch of hobbies. I have a Nightwing (Batman character) themed Jeep Wrangler and go to Jeep rallies. We have two cats and a bearded dragon. And I also have a trampoline, dirtbike, and roller blades. My fiance' and I also go fishing a lot at the beach and around here in our kayaks, and we also go to the archery and gun ranges. I'm a total tomboy. lol

Buzz Slayers: Give us your top 5 artists ever! Go!

KC: Journey, Adele, Celene Dion, All Time Low, Bowling for Soup

Buzz Slayers: You wake up in the middle of the night starving. What's your go-to midnight snack?

KC: Taco Bell! lol

Buzz Slayers: Are you already working on new music? You seem like the type of artist that is always working!

KC: I have too much music in the work right now lol. I'll basically be putting a single out every three months for the foreseeable future. I have 4 more pop-punk songs partially recorded, and a country/blues-ish single that's almost finished that we'll put out in a few months while I'm finishing up the pop-punk material.

Buzz Slayers: If you had one thing to say to the people that support your music, what would that be?

KC: Thanks for listening! I appreciate all of your support over the years!

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