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An Honest Pop Opus from Anarky 1

A new album release from Anarky 1 delivers a lush array of pop soundscapes that come with a particular edge and massive amount of character that you're able to latch onto quickly and the deeper in you go through this record, the more you start hearing rock influences and other genres being blended in seamlessly.

The Phoenixx Project gives off a wild set of songs that have a sense of interconnection with each other and making the record almost feel like it's a concept album of sorts.

This is the type of record where there are so many singles that stand out that you might as well just listen to the whole record all the way through.

Each song has its own persona and that's something that speaks volumes for the artist and how she displays her presence and throughout all of this, you get a robust honesty and songs that end up surprising you in the end.

Some tracks come through cinematic, and others come through anthemic while you have songs that bring out different sides of her and it lets you get wrapped up in the whole atmosphere that she's delivering.

The production throughout this record is outstanding and definitely boasts some surprises around the corners which is wonderful and refreshing and this happens more often than you think.

She definitely has a way with vocals and portrays such a powerful and impactful set of passionate deliveries that still lay out these catchy melodies and hooks that stick with you.

As I said earlier, there's a lot of honesty in this record and I think that's a big part of why she writes music in general. I feel like some of these songs or maybe cathartic for her in a particular way so that she can get things off of her chest and the only way she knows how.

This is something that I adore because when you have a record that gives this hard of a pop approach with so many catchy sections, banging choruses, and radio worthy songs, you don't always expect so much personality to come through.

This whole record is total personality from start to finish and this is one of the things that attracts me to it.

You get mixture of a multitude of genres giving her this super well-rounded but still edgy feel.

By the time you get halfway through this record you begin to expect the unexpected and that's definitely something to look up to in terms of listening to an album.

The record is certainly not reinventing the wheel in any way shape or form however it's definitely taking a new Spin and bringing together elements to create futuristic forms of pop because that's what I think pop is going to become in general.

Pop will end up being a genre bending form and Anarky 1 is a perfect example of what we can look forward to in the world of pop in the coming years. She's just a little ahead of the game.

This album certainly stands out in terms of being a breath of fresh air but also delivering songs that feel welcoming and familiar at the same time.

Dive into this when you get a chance because if you like one or two songs, you're going to like the whole record guaranteed.

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