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An Honest and Meaningful Single from Joey Grace

A new single from Joey Grace brings out a special breed of honesty as she wears her heart on her sleeves in a descriptive lyrical manner that makes you think and feel which is quite a beautiful aspect for any single of any genre.

"Guns On Sunday" is a heavily emotionally driven song that expresses a lot of deep and inner thoughts. It feels like this song must have been cathartic for Joey to write and release but for the listener, it can be very relatable, and this is where the importance of songs like these lies.

For someone to be able to express these kinds of emotions and feelings with such an articulate approach is mind-blowing to me because we all feel things like this and not a lot of us know how to articulate them into words let alone words and music, so artists like Joey Grace take that to the next level and this is why people can understand what the song means to her when they hear it.

The musical aspect of the track is completely beautiful as you find yourself sort of drifting along with the soundscape of the song and eventually being washed away with it as well.

There is a dream-like feeling that comes with this and it creeps you floating a few feet above the ground the entire time with distant beats, synth pads, and beautiful notes that are strong about the ether of the song letting it build this sort of atmosphere that you fall right into.

Most instruments and vocals have a certain layer of reverb on them, and this is what gives the song a certain kind of distance or wetness to it, and it also adds to that dreamy effect, but it all comes together so well that each element of the song musically compliments each other.

She lets it all out on this track and the vocal performance is honest and heartfelt because that's what the song is.

The beauty of songs like these is that they can serve almost like a soundtrack to certain chapters in our own lives and that to me is quite a beautiful aspect.

Along with the single comes an accompanying music video that showcases her presence as an artist a bit more and with that, you get a lot to soak in and in some way the video actually lets you pay more attention to what she's saying lyrically as well.

This was a wonderfully woven single that displays character, bravery, honesty, personality, and the ability to get things off of her chest in the way that she knows best. With her music.

In my opinion, this is what true heart is all about.

Letting things out so that you can let go of them to a certain point and so that others can feel like maybe they're not alone in certain kinds of feelings or struggles.

This was completely beautiful and was performed with a certain kind of gracefulness that becomes infectious and addicting.

A wonderful display of pop Sensibility and cinematic backbone, "Guns On Sunday" is an absolute must here for anyone who likes music that makes you think or feel.

Dive into this one when you can and let it swim around in the air that surrounds you.

See how this affects you.

Remember where you heard it first.

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