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An Album Release from Jack The Elbow

Jack The Elbow, originating from Birmingham, Alabama, and formed in 2019, comprises Madison Langham, Caleb Wilemon, and Michael Tucker. Their influences, drawn from Coheed and Cambria, Karnivool, Rush, Yes, and Tool, often combine to make a signature sound on their album Crush. "Modicum of Integrity," the album's opener, immediately showcases their abilities with its tight instrumentation and accessibility. Shades of Rush and Yes are discernible, while moments reminiscent of Tool's intensity emerge, particularly around the four-minute mark. 

"Going Under" surges forward with an undeniable momentum, driven by intricate guitar work and a pulsating rhythm section. However, it's the vocals that truly shine, guiding listeners through a darker interlude before returning to the song's emotive core. As "Fly Away" suggests, the album ascends, with cascading elements weaving through the stereo field, while "Off and On" offers a heavier nod to Yes, with bass and drums intricately intertwined, culminating in a kaleidoscopic frenzy. 

"Teenage Progmo" showcases the band's signature sound, characterized by circular guitars and syncopated energy, while "Shame" introduces lush breakdowns, highlighting the band's versatility. Venturing into the realms of '70s and '80s prog, "Hills and Valleys" pays homage to rock's storied past, while "Phoenix" introduces subtle yet effective darker undertones. The pinnacle arrives with the eponymous epic "Crush," an eight-and-a-half-minute opus that melds Tool's reverence and heaviness with a prog-rock sensibility, reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan's vocal delivery. 

The band's relentless pace propels listeners through Crush that is both nostalgic and refreshingly novel. In sum, Jack The Elbow's debut album is a testament to the enduring appeal of rock's timeless subgenres, interwoven into a cohesive and compelling sound.

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