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An Addictive And Edgy Rock Album From The Hybris

A new release from The Hybris brings out a set of absolute arena rock bangers with vast vocals and guitars, a slamming undertone, and elements of indie and classic rock that poke through as the attitude feels almost punk rock vocally.

The Music Vol. 1 album is huge and boasts some incredibly catchy choruses that have cinematic styles, and it all has this grit and edge to it that makes it super addictive.

You're presented with a number of surprising turns throughout the records playthrough, and songs go from bopping to haunting and massive in seconds flat and without warning.

This was an actual pleasant surprise because you always have something that refreshes the record with each new song from piano, keys, strings, and more.

The record touches on so much from alt-pop to a radio style pop rock and each time the sound is nailed which just shows the band's ability to rite catchy songs in different styles.,

The approach and arrangements become the staple feel for the band.

The coolest thing about the record is that you can clearly hear the many influences shine through with all the songs and these guys have a real love for their craft.

This is what makes them so damn good. The approach and ability to write danceable pop rock is outstanding. They never lose their edge either.

Crank this record in full.

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