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An Addicting New Album From Willis Love

A new full album release from Willis Love comes through with an edgy and smooth undertone complete with an ambient vastness that bears soul and an allure that's hard to turn away from.

The True Colors album is loaded with character and passionate deliveries vocally that are all wrapped in this atmospheric pop soundscape.

This record feels almost cinematic and could very well be a concept album for that matter although there are plenty of songs that stand on their own two legs as singles, listening to the record in full is definitely the way to go here because this way it can be soaked in properly.

There's definitely more than a few layers to be peeled back here and throughout the records course you get a few different styles that blend in with a great pop and almost fantastical feel and approach.

It's very refreshing to hear a record that's got this sort of youthful energy to it but still comes through with a certain level of maturity and almost every song on this record hits that sweet spot to have you coming back for more.

This is also part of why listening to that full album is a must.

The songs get infectious and there are Melodies that end up bouncing around in your head long after the song is over but the biggest thing is that the record has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants you.

You get to kind of swim through these songs and as you do it there are quite a few great surprises around certain corners that are a little bit unexpected but really fun.

I think my favorite thing about this album is the level of production that it has and how it's a bit experimental and outside the box.

With an R&B style that's the main flavor of the record, being able to surround everything with this pop ambience and dream tone is a really impressive and inventive approach.

In a way you get the best of both worlds and it also allows the songs to build up as they play on both musically and vocally they can become a little bit more intense which is cool.

This definitely seems like a record that pushes the envelope ever so slightly and breaks down some barriers when it comes to the genre which is absolutely something that needs to happen now.

There are plenty of songs that are incredibly radio friendly and some of them even feel like you've been listening to them on the radio for a little while already.

The songs can be welcoming and familiar but still have this great edginess to them that peer over things that you've heard already.

This album is best listened to with a pair of headphones on and some free time but either way, it's more than worth diving into.

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