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A Wonderous And Touching New Single From Hannah Nagle

A gorgeous new single dropped from Hannah Nagle gives off a heavily cinematic and emotionally driven tonality with piano and a nearly perfect set of vocals that bare soul, heart, and a brave honesty in a descriptive and lush soundscape.

"Speakeasy" is a truthful and classically written song that has a way of building and growing as it plays and breathes.

You get strings that fade in, and an intense bridge that brings in percussion elements and changes that you can feel in your bones.

The song has a way of creating this atmosphere that you fall right into. You drift and float away with the sound of it all and get swept up by the emotion and passion of the songs feel.

This was very gracefully performed and gives off such a wonderous and deepening feel that it becomes engulfing. But in a really good way.

It's like having a dream that you wake up from suddenly and immediately fight to go back to sleep so you can hopefully find yourself back in that same dream again.

Let this one take you with it. That's what it wants to do. It makes memories of your own pop into your head. It makes you feel.

You really get to let the music just swim around in the air and it's just thick enough to touch.

This obviously came from someplace real. It's genuine and heartfelt.

If you're a fan of music that makes you really feel something, then "Speakeasy" is for you.

Nagle gives an impactful performance and it's something not easily forgotten.

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