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A Warm And Catchy Release From Andrew Robert Palmer

A full album release from Andrew Robert Palmer brings on a crisp btu welcoming folk rock undertone that comes along with an energy that touches on punk and classic rock bringing everything to a colorful but edgy approach.

The heaven 7 Earth album is packed to the brim with songs that paint pictures and talk of chapters in his life but done with these details that make you think, and even at times, make memories of your own pop into your head when you're not expecting it.

The record has a ton of genuine grooves, and the guitars give off this sense of freedom which is where that classic rock influence shines through and it's a good thing too because it really adds to the depth of the songs along with pianos that also touch on that personal tonality.

There are elements of 90's rock lurking just under the surface and songs have changes that surprise you and at times also gives a bit of a live performance vibe as well.

The guitar work on this record is actually really amazing but done in a subtle way.

The hooks and lines are all really catchy but there isn't much shredding of any kind. The songs have more soul than anything else and it feels awesome to really soak this whole album in at once.

You do indeed get this sense of freedom and little bits of inspiration through the songs and its cool how he takes you through these journeys.

There is much to enjoy from this record, and we suggest this for anyone that loves southern soul, classic rock, acoustic pop, and music that just has a clever catchiness and an honest openness as well.




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