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A Vibrant Pop Single From Mandy Corrente

A wonderful new single from Mandy Corrente delivers a high energy and youthful pop tonality that comes across as vibrant and colorful with clean and crisp production and a lush sound that all speaks volumes for her presence as an artist.

"Secret Crush" is incredibly danceable and comes through with a great character and is vocally unstoppable along with musical hooks that keep the song moving forward with an excitable approach.

The track is performed in half English and half Spanish which certainly speaks volumes for Mandy and how she's both musically and personally a bit ahead of her time.

This turned out to be quite a little soiree of a pop single just in time for Valentine's Day and along with this fun and welcoming track comes a music video that does even more wonders for showing the artist's vivid and energetic style.

Not only is the music video storyboarded played out with such great attention to detail but it shows her spirited vibe as an artist and as a person as well.

There's everything from acting to choreographed dance moves and it all comes together seamlessly which shows such incredible effort for such a young artist.

This is a girl who knows exactly what she wants out of the pop world and is paving her own path the way she wants to do it along with some great production and very creative visuals, she might just be the next big thing.

It's sort of rare to see such a young artist delivering such robust and bright singles with little bits of complexity and a persona that you end up really getting attached to by the end.

This is all part of her approach and it works like a charm.

This track is great for people of almost all ages and it's all the sweet spots for a fun and danceable pop single that celebrates a special holiday.

This is not our first run-in with Mandy and we never cease to be impressed with what she puts out there because you can see just how much effort she puts in but also how much fun she's having doing it.

With such a wonderful pop single and music video, we wanted to have a quick talk with the artist to see what this was all about to her and more.

Here's what happened when we sat down with Mandy Corrente.

Buzz Slayers: Hello Mandy, and welcome back!

Thank you so much!

Buzz Slayers: Let's talk about your new single, "Secret Crush"! Did you write this song yourself? What inspired it?

"Secret Crush" was co-written by my mother and Ruben Coello. For the past three years, I've released songs for Valentine's Day, which is becoming a tradition. My name, "Amanda," means 'worthy of love,' inspiring us to release songs celebrating love and friendship.

Buzz Slayers: I love the production of this song. It has such a bright and colorful feel! Did you contribute to the production process?

Yes, the producer, Homero Gallardo, skillfully blended various sounds, including bass, drums, and some unique guitar elements, to create the final beat. Gallardo, a renowned guitarist in the music industry, crafted custom guitar sounds for this track, making it truly unique.

Buzz Slayers: What are your plans for the near future as an artist?

My plans are continuing to create songs and educate myself each day to be able to write and compose my songs when I’m a little older. I’m also currently doing as many castings as I can because I really love to act.

Buzz Slayers: How do you manage to balance school, life, and creating memorable songs?

I have a great team. School is really important not only to learn but also to have a social life and have a regular life. My mom Daniela and my team work very hard so when it’s time to record I have the time and when it is time to play, I have time to enjoy. So, it’s all about balance.

Buzz Slayers: The video for "Secret Crush" was impressive and had a detailed storyboard. Did you contribute any ideas for the video?

Yes, I suggested including friends who resemble the characters in real life. For instance, Mathias, a real-life soccer player, and Brandom, who's playful is like a brother to me. My friends, who are always with me for playdates and fun, were also part of the video.

Buzz Slayers: Do you perform live shows?

Absolutely! Just last week, I performed at a private show for a little girl's 6th birthday, which was incredibly sweet. I'm scheduled to perform live in Los Angeles at the GlamzGala in March and possibly on some local channels in Miami. I love performing live.

Buzz Slayers: You've achieved so much in music at such a young age! What sparked your interest in becoming a songwriter and singer?

My passion for writing was the spark. I've always kept a notebook for my schedule and stories. Recently, I composed my first piano song, a milestone in my singing career. I've been singing since I was very young, starting at age two with a microphone in hand, pretending to be a superstar.

Buzz Slayers: Are you planning to release more singles or perhaps an album?

I'm considering whether an album is the best approach in today's fast-paced music scene. Singles seem to capture more attention, but if I make enough songs, I might release my first EP.

Buzz Slayers: Great work on this song! Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I love this song because it is in English and Spanish, and I have so many fans that also speak Spanish that they can sing along with me. I really love my fans so much and I always want to give back to them. Thank you always for the love and support and Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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