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A Vast New Single From Fleshtronic

The new single dropped from Fleshtronic touches on all kinds of wonderous post punk and darkwave undertones with a cold tonality and a fully cinematic and lush vastness that feels like stepping into another world all together.

"Puppet On a String" hits with this perfect dynamic and blend of this like band feel with chorus effected bass sounds, symphonic strings, synths, and guitars that span throughout the track's span.

The single takes off into this journey and after the chorus hits it really blasts off into this almost spacey feel and it all comes with rolling drums and this super cool attitude and character.

The best thing about Fleshtronic is that you know them when you hear them and that's something special right there.

They have that unique tone and songwriting style. The vocals have that swag and flow to it. That dramatic approach and it all feels like a horror movie at times.

It crawls under our skin and gives you goosebumps.

it also seems like the band writes songs about things that matter. Things that affect their lives.

"Puppet On a String" can be taken in a few different ways. it could mean a person, or it could mean the government. It's up for interpretation.

Either way, telling someone that you won't be their puppet on a string is something we can relate to.

This track is a refreshing new single and something that makes sense in today's world. On top of that, we need music like this now.

So Fleshtronic did it and thank goodness for that.

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