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A Vast and Massive EP from Death Throes From A Star

An EP release from Death Throes From A Star delivers a massive Sonic presence that comes along with a huge and vast tonality that spreads across the entire soundscape of the record and with that, it comes a lush and intense sort of character that leans on an almost cinematic backbone and comes forward with a driving force that feels engulfing in all the best ways possible.

The self-titled record is completely spacious with grandiose and ambient feels and vibes along with this progressive tonality and songwriting style that lets this record come through as more of an experience than just an EP itself.

This is the kind of record that you're supposed to listen to from beginning to end and the thing about it is that the tracks are actually pretty lengthy because this is not a normal or standard heavy release by any means.

This record touches everything from a doom-gaze and grunge tone to alternative and progressive rock, with post rock in its veins and this set of sounds that wrap themselves around you and keep you right where they want to.

One of my favorite aspects about this record is that you can interpret it as you want because it's instrumental, but the song still has ways of painting these vivid pictures in your head.

These guys lean on that aesthetic of a sort of late 90s underground desert and fuzz rock vibe that also blends garage and so much more in the mix and I feel like it's these influences that really let the record thrive.

You have a certain level of greediness in its underbelly but it's also graceful and expansive which is something that I find unique because it does have that shoegaze heaviness and sound but the cool thing about it is that you have great melodies, and these guitars that add notes that float through the ethers of each of the songs and if you listen to the whole record at once, then you get the idea that it's almost like a concept record because the songs have strange ways of interconnecting with each other.

One of the other things that grabbed me was the energy that this record gives off and portrays because it feels like all these songs were actually recorded live-on-the-floor so that everyone involved was just sort of feeding off of each other the entire time swells of the songs themselves making them feel like they're alive and breathing in their own way.

This is an aspect that I adore and of course, I could be completely wrong about the whole live-on-the-floor aspect, but hearing the kind of energy and vibes that this record gives off makes you want to see it performed live either way.

The thing about a release like this is that it's so deepening in a way, that it pulls you away from your surroundings and brings you into a completely different place all together which is something that you don't come across often so when it happens it's very rejuvenating by the time you're through with it.

It's like watching a really good film or reading a really good book where you're going through these sorts of chapters in a way and by the time the record is over you have to react with yourself back to your reality again.

Another thing is that songs like this also can cause memories of your own and thoughts of your own to pop into your head at random which in my opinion is brilliantly connective.

These guys have an amazing sonic presence on this record and a lot of attention to detail but most importantly again, it has a certain kind of character and persona that reaches out from it, and these are the aspects that get you pulled into the record.

And, once you're pulled in there's no coming back out.

Check this record out as a whole, and listen to it with headphones on in my opinion, because then you can soak in all these notes that are scattered about in the songs and really get a feel for the intensity of how they come across at times.

Remember where you heard it first.

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