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A Unique And Endlessly Fuzztone Rock Record From Joyance

An EP release from Joyance manages to take a number of genres and melt them together into this massive pop format that really blends textures and styles to create an atmosphere that grabs at you and not only gains your attention but peaks your inner minds interest and its due to this unique songwriting and performance with huge and unstoppable energy.

The Spunk II record is brimming with fuzztone guitars, driving basslines and quirky vocals that fluctuate with the song's energy flows. The swelling and explosive sections of indie rock that clams back down into verses that give off an extremely honest and straight forward lyrical approach. It all has tendency to breathe and swell as if the songs were alive.

You get these vast and massive deep bass blasts and a creative and experimental approach to not only songwriting but production as well.

Vocals at times are coated in effects or autotune but not in the normal sense and not used in the normal setting either. Everything about this EP makes perfect sense but in its own world.

Using familiar production techniques and bringing them into a platform and character that is portrayed completely differently makes something you haven't quite heard before and that makes it addictive as hell.

This record has tons of character and attitude and its ever changing but always confluent and endlessly fun. At times its aggressive, others its submissive.

Whichever you get, you have this groove that hits hard and this classic rock feeling, outside the box alternative pop rock that keeps to its garage and heavy-handed tonalities.

The guitar work on this is impeccable in its own way. There isn't much shredding or anything like that. But these grunge riffs are embracing and make you want to jump around the room.

Turn this up and go for the whole EP. It's best that way for sure.

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