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A Unique And Classic Pop Release From Deron Daum

The latest album release from Deron Daum crosses all sorts of wonderfully textured genre boundaries to create something that has an indie pop feel but brings these other elements to the table that let the songs sort of breathe and build on their own and that atmosphere all of this creates is something that you can escape into for a little while.

The Password: record features an array of wonderfully chosen since and key sounds along with a swirling pop vibrancy which makes a lot of songs very danceable but also gives them an additional vastness in a nostalgic undertone that reaches into a vintage pop approach.

One of the things that I really dig about this record is the ability to blend those two soundscapes together by taking old-school and new-school songwriting styles and sounds, and laying those textures together so that you have something that's refreshing but also feels good in that nostalgic sense as well.

There are a lot of bright and colorful choruses on the record but there are also hints of edginess that are there around the corners as well but all of that's very well balanced in terms of the dynamics of how the record actually sounds.

You can tell that there was a lot of attention to detail that went into creating this record but throughout it all it never really loses that spirit that it was built with in the first place, so the songs have a certain lusciousness to them and a lot of heart behind them as well.

Something else I noticed while listening to the record is that, in a way, it almost feels like a concept album, like the songs connect with each other in a certain way.

Of course, I could be wrong about that, but to me this is one of those records that you listen to all the way through from beginning to end.

There are definitely singles that stand on their own two legs very well however, this is the type of record that you soak in as a whole and I feel like that's part of the adventure of it all.

I do realize that we live in a single based society these days and I also recognize that that's kind of a problem with musical society in general these days.

I'm sure you could find the time to listen to a full record and if you do this is one of the ones that you should start with.

The more you listen to this record and the further into it you go the more different sounds start arising and you get different elements of catchiness and different approaches of pop music that come out.

The record is packed to the brim with character, and you can tell that he had a ton of fun making this because it's something you can just feel in the music itself.

There's a lot to love about this release and the artist's love of old-school pop sounds really shines here and let him do his thing in his own way which is giving a refreshing spin on classic feels and bringing them to a current Indie pop state of being.

Definitely check this out when you get a chance because it's more than worth your time and you'll find more than a handful of songs for your pop playlist as well.

This is built with songs that end up bouncing around in your head for hours after they've ended, and I miss that.

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