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A Surprising, Soulful Alt-Rock Cover From Circle The Wolves

An incredible new single released from Circle the Wolves is a blistering and anthemic cover of 'Chandelier" and it's a breathtaking, hard hitting, and very impactful alternative rock cover with bountiful vocals and a lush feel.

The single is one you wouldn't expect. This is just because it's hard to imagine a cover of the song like this one.

The soundscape is heavy and powerful with massive guitars and slamming drums along with a set of vocals performed with heavy passion belting out the entire time.

This really hits you hard. There is something so cinematic about it as well. It has a way of knocking the wind right out of you.

It almost takes on a whole new meaning when you hear it. The way the song is transformed into this epic rock opus is pretty outrageous in all the best ways possible.

There is this really cool synth below the surface of it all that follows along and adds a bit of a different atmosphere to it as well.

It's just such a good mix and the production is nearly perfected.

One of the best parts about this is the video that accompanies the track as it really does a great job of showcasing the artist visual presence that falls right into place with the music.

It makes the song graceful. More graceful than it already was in the first place.

And that's what Circle the Wolves pulls of here. An immense cover of an already great song and bringing up the intensity to a point where you can't look away.

Every aspect of this single bares soul and embraces the fire behind the song.

They did an incredible job on this.

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