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A Single and Upcoming Album from The Star Prairie Project

If you're not too familiar with the sounds of the Star Prairie project then let us be among the first to introduce you to it because this is something that is our newest pleasure and the releases coming from this hit very heavy notes in terms of having a thick and Sonic guitar tone along with alternative rock and almost metal approach but the beauty of it is that each track that is delivered seems to show a little bit of a different side of the project as a whole including their latest release called "Where Did We All Come From?".

This single has a radio-friendly edginess to it that is catchy and bountiful, fun but excitable at the same time and it's the kind of thing you feel like you've been listening to on the radio for a few years now.

The track certainly still has its heavier aspects musically and crosses into an indie rock field along with that alternative harshness but it's very addictive and indeed incredibly catchy.

The way some of the guitar's sound on this track is very cool and have this watery effect on them like it blends a chorus effect with a tremolo or something like that and it gives the track this wavy fun style that also serves as a kind of like a hook for the song on the guitar.

As far as we can tell this is a single that is going to be part of a full album set to release on the 26th of this month and other songs have previously been released as singles that are supposed to be part of this album that you can listen to on their Spotify page.

The album is titled "The Shining Ones" and again, will be out shortly so take a listen to some of the singles that are available already, so you get a glimpse of what the album is going to offer.

From what we've heard so far, we are all in with this record.

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