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A Rock Revival From Brian Lindsay

A new release dropped from Brian Lindsay brings on a soiree of heavily classic rock influenced songs that hit all the sweet spots that make it feel nostalgic, hard-hitting, and deep rooted with screaming guitars, belting vocals and a touch of southern soul.

The Revival album is brimming with tones and songwriting, heavy-handed choruses and memorable hooks that all have this familiar undertone that's welcoming.

It's like you've been hearing some of these songs on the radio for years now. But guess what, you haven't.

This album is an outstanding example of real rock music that's genuine and authentic, comes from the heart, and is performed by seasoned musicians that shine with character and hold very little back.

This record rocks and tons of ways from the guitar parts which are incendiary, to the drumming and vocals along with baselines that glue everything together.

This is like an arena rock record, and it feels good to listen to the louder you crank it.

All in all, this is a pretty massive album and there's more than a handful of gems on there that will get your blood pumping and have you singing along to those choruses in no time flat.

This definitely feels like something that took a while to put together. It seems like this is something that had some meaning for the artist and for the band, and that comes through from beginning to end.

The energy on this record feels almost like a live performance because you can literally hear the players feeding off each other's energies.

And this is where the whole arena rock thing comes in because that's what arena rock is. It's giving off this gigantic vibe and energy that feels like you just walked out of a show after listening to the album.

It's pretty obvious listening to this record that Lindsay has an absolute love for his craft and was somehow able to put this thing together and bring it to fruition from his mind's eye.

Now, I'm not completely sure how it works in particular with this artist. It's possible the band helped write a whole bunch of this stuff but it's also possible that he wrote everything himself and made it happen.

Either way this is a driving pure rock album and the aesthetic of it hits the nail on the head and really is able to grab you and keep you right where it wants to.

Which is actually quite a beautiful thing.

I miss records like this because it's a head turner and it hits you with open arms.

We need more of that from Rock Records. More realness and authentic approaches.

Brian Lindsay definitely delivers on this opus of a classic rock release.

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