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A Righteous Hard Rock Record From Coldridge

An absolutely blistering new rock album from Coldridge takes on the form of a series of insanely fun rock bangers that all manage to keep to this youthful and spirited attitude while creating an atmosphere that wraps itself around you and it all makes you want to put your fists in the air and follow along in the lively and colorful rock.

The album is dubbed Permafrost and it feels like chapters of a book where each track portrays a sort of story and as it all comes together, you get this love for the band.

They have songs that build with layers and the edginess of a heavy handed classic and hard rock style with these soulful vocals all have so much character.

This release is huge, and we mean that in as many ways as we can. The music is massive. The soundscape of it all surrounds you and the songs have different parts that flow into each other like water at times.

You'll be surprised as the tracks go from big rock songs into these soft ballad-like pieces and in-between you get really interesting and intricate straight rock song writing that is incredibly inventive and addictive just the same.

The energy is undeniable, and the songs burst into different styles and sections that surprise you and keep you on your toes.

Guitars are as important as bass are as import and as vocals are as important as drums here. This is that kind of band.

Having said that the guitar work on this record is stellar and the keys have a way of taking the cake at times as well.

Take a deep dive into Permafrost.

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