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A Pure Bred Rock Release From Tyler Keith & The Apostles

The latest full album release from Tyler Keith & The Apostles comes through as a classic and garage rock-inspired banger with tons of grit and character that let the artist really push the envelope enough to create an impact that feels familiar but still refreshing at the same time.

The Hell to Pay album is packed with swagger and attitude along with this thriving energy that gives everything an almost live performance feel as if the players are feeding off of each other the entire time.

Maybe this record was recorded live on the floor because it certainly feels that way.

Throughout the course of the record, you get an array of rock and roll that all culminate to complete this record from indie to blues rock even songs with Americana twang and folk rock.

You also get such cool sets of characters throughout the record as well for example at certain points it made me think of Nick Cave momentarily.

You also get some really lush instrumentation like violins, piano and organs that flow in and out throughout the course of the release giving an extra color and edge.

You also get some songs that are not as straight up as others. There are songs that sound incredibly theatrical to me and then others that are more straight rock bangers.

So as a full album you get such a lush and full-bodied set of songs that each bear a little bit of a different attitude, but you also have the strong staple sound that keeps everything together like glue.

This record feels pretty big as a matter of fact. There are parts of it that let you escape a little bit into his world and his thoughts which is always really fun because when you have an album that engulfs you like that you have to snap yourself back into reality when it's over.

Still that classic rock is alive and well with this record and you can hear these different influences coming in and out.

I think this is part of what makes it so great.

Just being able to hear someone take these different influences and spend them into his own thing along the way of such a fantastical rock record is really a good time.

It's also nice to hear a record like this with surprises around the corner. There's not too much about this that's cookie-cutter if you would, but there are songs that feel like you've been listening to them on the radio for years now.

So, you kind of get the best of both worlds there.

There are also heavier elements too where you get hints of punk rock and alternative or grunge as well.

This record was a really fun rock soiree that should really be listened to from beginning to end although there are certainly singles that stand on the room two feet.

This whole thing actually made me want to go see him perform live because it would be awesome to see this energy.

A killer record from Tyler Keith & The Apostles.

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