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A Powerful New EP From Annie Stokes

A wonderfully woven EP release from Annie Stokes brings on a full-bodied and lush Americana soundscape that comes with a beautiful portrayal of character and an ability to tell stories with heart and in doing so creating such a welcoming atmosphere it's hard to look away from.

The Wild Rose EP is packed to the brim with outstanding instrumentation and just the perfect amount of southern kissed songwriting that the songs have an almost nostalgic undertone to them as if they were written just for you.

This is because the songs are very relatable and when the EP is over, you kind of feel like you know this person more.

It's almost like you've been talking with an old friend for a while and I think that we've missed that aspect in a lot of different genres of music for some time.

There is a bright and vibrant backbone to everything about this EP and she dishes out a somewhat personal and honest approach that becomes quickly infectious.

These songs have a way of wrapping themselves around you and keeping you right where they want to and it feels good to listen to this record.

The other great thing about this release is that it has this Lively feel to it so it makes you want to see her perform right in front of you just to see if that same energy is there which I'm sure it would be.

I love EP's that feel bigger than they are. This Record is four songs but when it's over you feel like you've stepped into someone else's life for a little bit and when you come out of it, you have to react yourself.

And he does such a great job of letting her presence really shine throughout the course of this release and she's got the stuff. That goes without question.

Every song on this record feels like a song that you would have been listening to for the past year on the radio.

There's also this wonderful soul that's strewn across the songs and that's because she clearly has a major love for what she's doing and every minute of this EP is just dripping with that soul.

It has this warmth to it that feels welcoming in a way and it's very satiating to have that.

These tracks are passionate and can be very danceable as well so you'll have a great time listening to it.

I think we need more music like this right now. Songs that can lift you up or take you away.

There's something almost empowering about songs like these and artists like this as well.

Annie has done an amazing job putting yourself out there and this is polished and crisp with a gracefulness that's performed and a love that's evident.

We hope to hear more from her as soon as humanly possible.

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