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A Passionate Performance by Jonathan Foster

Jonathan Foster has released a beautiful and alluring new song that has an unalloyed grace to it and it's called "Jaguar Butterfly" which was written for a friend with brain cancer.

The singer and songwriter gives a significant and profound performance with a distinctive style that lets you know it's him.

"I am a much more accomplished singer, songwriter, and guitar player than I was a decade ago and I have added the harmonica to my regular repertoire for the past 5 years. My sound still has a similar thread throughout my career, as I have always strived to be the most authentic to what I can be singing with an acoustic guitar" says Jonathan.

The single is powerful, and you can have a listen to Jonathan's signature vocal and guitar work on Spotify, or YouTube. You can learn more about the artist on his Instagram, or website.

There are plenty of previous releases to listen to from the artist as he has had a fruitful and impressive career thus far.

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