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A New Single From Sunset Blush

A brand-new single release from Sunset Blush brings out a progressive and cinematic atmosphere in the form of a guitar driven rock song that comes from a personal experience and has a way of creating its own atmosphere.

"Keep Me in Your Pocket" is certainly a track that has a building aspect to it as it begins with guitars and vocals so you can grab hold of the feel and vibe of everything and when drums in the full band come in, you get a more full-bodied experience.

There's something about this track that gives off a bit of a live performance undertone and this happens for the most part when the drums come in along with the vocals in the guitars.

It's like you can feel energies feeding off of each other in a way and that in turn makes it feel almost like someone's playing it live right in front of you which is actually really cool and makes you want to go see Sunset Blush play a show.

These kinds of energies and tones are not always easy to capture on record, but I think for this project and this artist, it's completely natural.

I think this is just his way of doing what he does, and this is one of the best parts about the artist in general.

A song like this is built from an idea and brought to fruition in the best way an artist can do so.

For Sunset Blush there is some sort of formula that makes everything come together from the idea stage to reality and that's part of the beauty of music and songwriting in general, I think.

You get this sort of soul rock approach happening here and it brings to mind a loose early '70s late '60s classic rock feel as well but there are definitely other influences that peek through.

Now, when I say cinematic, I mean that you could definitely hear the song in a scene of a movie. It has a bit of a dramatic effect and a hint of a slow burn especially up until the drums come in.

As the song plays on you get some really building melodies in there and it feels like it grows in emotion as well and an intensity to an extent.

A lot of the vocal lines follow the guitar lines as well, so those melodies manage to stick with you for long after the song has ended.

This was a wonderfully woven single performed with a certain level of rock gracefulness that I feel like is hard to attain.

I think you have to let part of you go to be loose enough to do a song like this one and it turned out great because the performance and delivery were really on point and where they were meant to be.

So, the song was able to be soaked in the way it was meant to be as well.

This was a really strong single and we can't wait to hear more from Sunset Blush.

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