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A New Release From INS KINO

Bauhaus Party is the lead single on Ins Kino’s recent EP. Kino, otherwise known as Evan Farkas, is an NC-based singer/songwriter with a deeply nostalgic quality to his artwork. He sounds like an artist plucked from a bygone era, and yet there’s nothing dated or dull about his output — quite to the contrary, his colorful artistry is vibrant and powerful. There are so many layers to Bauhaus Party — it’s a rich tapestry of satisfying riffs and rhythms.

Where to even begin? The bass rhythm is sublime. Not only has Kino developed a groove that seeps under your skin, but he’s absolutely nailed the tone, production-wise — it’s such a pervasive layer of instrumentation. From start to finish, I find myself sliding my head back and forth to the mesmerizing melody of the bass guitar. Atop that, there’s a spectacular piano riff too. This isn’t lounge-suited, background music. It’s a song that demands attention. The intricacy of Kino’s piano-work begs applause — I’m absolutely astounded by how much thought has gone into every ounce of instrumentation on offer in this vibrant, catchy tune.

I’m not finished with the compliments. The drumming of this baroque pop track is understated yet entirely prominent. It thuds with a calculated intimacy, driving the track onwards at a slow, measured pace, but Kino throws in plenty of fills and flourishes, just to flex his musical prowess. And then there’s the vocals. My word — the vocals. Kino’s voice carries such a husky, commanding essence. It reminds me of the style that Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) has adopted in some of the band’s more recent musical outputs. But, in my opinion, it’s far more captivating.

And then there are the scorching electric guitar riffs that emerge in occasional bursts, as do transfixing strings, just to demonstrate that Kino can always take his music to another level if he so desires. Wow. That’s all I can say. Just wow.

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