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A New Ep Release from Touch The Buffalo

A new EP release from Touch the Buffalo delivers an eclectic array of soundscapes that branch off from an indie and alternative rock that comes through with a driving force to beautifully woven and emotionally driven piano ballads and a lot more in between all done within a four-song span.

The Bodhicitta EP features a great vastness in its underbelly even on the more hard-hitting rock tracks that pack a punch, you still get this vastness underneath it all because there are notes that are held out and put into the songs ether to give it a bigger and more full-bodied atmosphere which works like a charm.

This element also lets the EP feel a little bit progressive and the whole thing both a great 90s rock vibe but not the kind of stuff that was just on the radio non-stop, more the kind of stuff that you would have to find out about in a music magazine and then go and hunt it down off a site like Limewire or Napster.

If any of you reading this are around my age and have grown up through the 90s and then into the 2000s you know exactly what I'm talking about in terms of the aesthetic of the rock songs on this record.

You have backing vocals that have reverb on them and are doubled up and then one main vocal right up front along with a bit of a ferocious ref and an almost punk rock approach at times.

Some of these tracks have such a cinematic feel to them because of how sort of robust and expansive they get at times and each track on the EP has a character that's all its own which is incredible because they're all different from the last.

A lot of this stuff was surprising so with each new track you kind of get taken back a little bit and by the time you even get to the last track you are expecting the unexpected to an extent.

I enjoyed this factor because I like records that hold surprises around, and this one manages to do that with just four songs.

You can tell there was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this record, but it still never loses this particular sort of persona and heart that it begins with, and I think that may be the most important part out of everything here.

This record has an alive and breathing sense to it, and you don't get that often so when you do have it you tend to hold on to it which I have been doing most of the day.

This was more of an experience than an EP and I enjoyed every second of it.

If you're a fan of outside-the-box indie rock with progressive undertones and vastness to everything that gives it cinematic value, then this record is 100% for you.

If you are someone who likes music that can make you think and feel, this is also for you.

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