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A New Album Release From Holy Coves

Holy Coves just dropped a killer new album that spans a great variety of progressive, experimental, cinematic, and psychedelic alternative rock that shines like a memory in your head.

The album is dripping with heart, soul, and song damn good songwriting that leaves a mark for sure.

You find yourself humming tunes in your brain without even paying attention and its due to the many hooks and sinkers that take place across this vast and heartfelt album.

The record is called Druids and Bards and it sure does feel like an adventure of sorts as it takes you to these different places and as it paints all these different pictures you start to get addicted to the sound of the band in general.

This is warming, edgy, and it all has this impactful feel to it that leaves little to the imagination.

The guitar work is excellent, and you can really hear that classic rock influence throughout the record but it's a bit harder hitting. And even still, you get more of this catchy radio rock sound than a heavy sound.

This was a stellar album and almost every song keeps you listening with gigantic hooks and colorful tones that are coated just enough in a fuzz distortion.

The singing is pretty powerful and done with a guts and glory approach and guess works super well.

These are anthems for our time, and you can't help but want to sing along or air guitar at random throughout this album.

It's just great to hear a rock album you can feel from again. Something that has more meaning and a classic style to it that makes it fresher than the usual.

This was a fun album from a very fun band and it's 100% refreshing.

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