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A Musical Journey With Timewalk

A new EP release from Timewalk really has a way of blending synthesized textures with a rock atmosphere and building a soundscape that is able to mend genres without a hitch and in doing so, create something that becomes memorable and impactful musically and lyrically at the same time.

The Midnight Sessions EP is a complete blast, and it inspires with uplifting sections, plenty of backing vocals that haunt and push the songs into different places as drumming is absolutely intense and precise along with the bands tight and intricate time changes and melodic transpositions.

it's like a classic hard rock record with all the bells and whistles but in a different way. You get harmonized and soft set vocals and a sort of theatrical undertone that all come together.

The keys on the record are a massive role in the how it all plays out and how the build and climaxes are able to take time and give off a full-bodied feel.

This release is progressive and boasts color and a wonder of how they band stretches not only the songwriting styles and genres but also the imagination.

It's quite easy to fall right into this record and it's powerful showcasing of seasoned musicianship.

This is for someone that wants to take a musical journey of sorts.

The songs are great standing alone but as an entire EP, you can soak in the atmosphere, and it feels good.

Dive into the Midnight Sessions from Timewalk.

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