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A moving Alt-Rock Single From Ivory Blue

Ivory Blue just dropped a fresh single that feels warming, cinematic and incredibly honest as it bursts into colorful choruses.

"Family Tables" is a beautifully woven alternative rock song that breeds radio friendly roots and a passion that shines throughout the songs course.

The track has a vibrant and tasteful approach and really brings an alluring array of guitar work and vocals that compliment each other with deepening changes that give off an anthemic feel.

This was a wonderful song that really has the ability to pull you in and stick with you long after the song has ended.

The rock is strong and edgy but not over the top. It all has a sort of gracefulness to it that swims around you and makes you want more.

There is a certain power behind it all that makes it impactful and its best to embrace it with this one.

Check out Ivory Blue when you can!





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