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A Massive Rock Opus From Wynton Existing

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

A brand spanking new album from Wynton Existing hits a unique and flavorful style of alternative rock that crosses over into pop and even surf rock. Wynton Existing’s ‘Sexual Death’ is vast and lush with vocals and guitar tones, flowing over each other with highly impactful riffs to keep your blood pumping.

Sexual Death is rich with character and the pop element is Alive and Well in these songs to the point where you can even feel genuine classic rock influence shining through.

One of the biggest things with this record are those guitar riffs. They thrash out with a wild attitude just like the vocals do and there's such a passionate looseness to it that gives that classic 90s indie rock undertone.

The production of this release shows some experimental sides and that's part of its endless fun. There's so much going on in terms of the production of this record that it's crazy, but it all has the seamless flow to it like it was meant to be.

So many of these songs are incredibly danceable and they make you want to get off your ass and jump around the room wow singing along out loud.

You get this blend of the Pixies and Iggy and the Stooges along with so much other outrageousness and sheer vibrancy to the point where it's nearly impossible to look away from this thing even for a moment.

You can definitely hear that Frank Black influence in there and there's nothing about this record that lacks energy whatsoever at any point in time.

It's Full Throttle from beginning to end with certain tracks in there that let you breathe a little bit. But even those tracks have some kind of character to them that draws you into it.

It's definitely got a lot of layers especially more than what you hear upon your first run through.

What's incredibly clear is the love for the craft that just bleeds through onto everything throughout the course of this whole album.

You can feel that love and that heart shine with inventiveness and intrigue.

This record is almost like a love letter to influences of past decades in genres and it's all done with such an authenticity that it's almost intimidating.

It's definitely been sometime since I've said this, but this is a flawless album.

A flawless rock album that is, and to soak this in is one of the best times you've had all year.

We're all happy to keep you around.

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