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A Massive Live Album From Weed N' Stiff

A new live album release from Weed N' Stiff comes through with a massive character and endless color as the record dishes up almost 30 songs performed with bountiful energy and a vivacious approach.

Simply called LIVE, the album runs the gambit of rock, pop, and a lot more delivered with a unique humor and what feels like an arena rock style.

There's an Unstoppable quirkiness mixed with a high level of musicianship across the span of this record, and it makes me think of bands like Ween for example.

Nothing about it is taken all too seriously although there are some songs that you can tell have more serious underbellies, the tracks are bright, and they come right at you in full swing with this great balance of persona and energy the entire time.

I love the fact that this is such a massive live record because it reminds me of the old-school live double CDs people used to release.

I would listen to those through each time and listening to this album all the way through it's amazing how resilient and how impactful the songs remain through to the end.

The guitar work is outstanding all the way across the span of the entire record and vocally, it that's what adds all that color and that certain kind of vibrancy to everything.

Like I said earlier, lyrically songs can get pretty humorous and pretty funny and it's such a great combination with the songs themselves because some of these songs rock out harder than others while certain ones have a little bit of a country trying to them as well.

It's a very strong array of different styles but there is a glue that keeps things confluent and connective throughout it all.

So, the reason that there are 29 songs on this record is because apparently, this is the 30th anniversary of a lot of these songs or all of them.

This whole thing was endlessly fun and for the most part very danceable but what I loved most about it was that it felt like you were there at the show.

These guys pull it off so well that you come out of the feeling like you were at this actual concert in the crowd and I love feeling that.

This record showcased such a strong level of songwriting, musicianship, arrangement, energy, character, and heart because that's everything that went into this record, the songs, and the live release.

I definitely like a good celebration of the 30th anniversary of such a massive level of creativity like this.

I feel like these songs are for everybody. I feel like there are at least some songs from this record that almost everyone will like.

That says a lot because you don't come across those very often.

This is an almost 2-hour album release and it's well worth every minute you have.

Put this on while you clean the house, and you'll find yourself singing along in no time flat.

Remember where you heard it first.

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