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A Lush Single Release From Ilustrado Is Here

A new release from Ilustrado breaks into ambient undertones and a full-bodied cinematic experience that has the ability to whisk you away to a place of fantasy that feels like it swirls around you, and you can swim right into it if you want to.

The "Ecstasy (Ringmaster Remix)" single is massive and vast but also boasts this perfect energy that feels right for the track itself.

There are definitely layers to be peeled back on this track and the whole thing feels incredibly lush as you go through the track and has the ability to create a subtle but effective build.

The use of keys and synth pads is a huge part of what creates that fantasy and wondrous element of the track and the vocals come through with some soul which is a great addition and combination with the music itself because those two textures flow with each other quite well.

This does have a house and dance remix feel to it, but it also has that freeing and open aspect as well that helps create an atmosphere that lets you sort of get whisked away to a different place altogether.

Now, this is a remix of course but if you dig it, I suggest checking out the original version of the single because that is just a great song.

This remix takes certain elements of the original song and gives them a new spin which of course is what the point of a remix is, but it's done in a familiar and comfortable way while remaining somewhat unique and refreshing.

It's really cool to have a track that has some drive to it and definitely shows heart as well but has a calming and almost peaceful element that bleeds through constantly.

You also get a little bit of a touch of a nostalgic almost 90s dance undertone especially with the vocals and some of the sins because they have that tonality to them and that also is part of why it feels slightly familiar and welcoming.

It never hurts to blend some of the old school with the new school to create something unique.

This whole track has a crispness to it as well that sits atop the warmth of it all and this balance is something that's not really easy to come by or pull off.

Being able to create a track that still keeps the soul in the heart but also creates something that has a little bit of edginess to it while remaining subtle and relaxed is something that's pretty impressive.

This is certainly one to dive into with headphones on because this way you can soak it in the way it was meant to.

Check this out because if you're into music that gives you a bit of an experience this one's for you.

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