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A Long-Awaited LP Release from Keltrix

The long-awaited new LP from Keltrix has finally arrived and seeing that I know a bit about the music coming from this project,  I can say that this record goes above and beyond anything that I may have thought it would deliver.

This album comes through as a full musical journey and it starts with "Hello Low" which is a very orchestrated intro to the record that comes with string sections and the classic sort of ethereal and almost mystical tone that Keltrix brings.

The intro is followed by "Last Light" which begins some of the storylines of the record and you get this in more of a settled and subtle folk and singer-songwriter approach that has bursts of heaviness within it.

"Shine" is the next track and this one comes in with a more positive and uplifted vibe to it along with a certain sparkle and majestic feel still in that folk undertone but it comes with more ambient vocal tones floating in and out of the background and a wonderful warmth.

Next up is a track called "Past The Wolves", the title track of the record of course and this one definitely has that cinematic drive to it because of how it sort of builds and breathes.

This is one of my favorite tracks on the record by far just because it has such a grip musically and you can kind of feel a certain tension that comes through in the music which is part of the story and it works really well.

The next track is called "Earth Suit" and this one has elements of Americana and includes an Ambience and a vastness underneath it all, along with some bendy guitar work and more of a swing rhythm and it all gives the air of a 90s alternative rock single to an extent. The guitar work on this track is amazing and really adds to the depth of this track and the production of it.

"Flames" comes next and it comes with a real country twang to it both rhythmically and performance-wise by guitars and vocals which still have this great sort of reverb defect and a distant tonality to an extent.

I liked how this one still kept to that cinematic tone but it was more like the scene out of an old western movie. 

It's amazing how she can change her persona and character for each song because it affects how she does her vocal performance.

"Lakeside", which is the next track, six sticks to elements of this same feel but brings in a little bit of spanish classical guitar feels and a certain kind of wrongness and classic drum beat but it's those progressions that get you on this track along with a certain aggression and it's underbelly that's delivered with guitar feedback among other attributes.

This is actually one of my favorite songs vocally because the performance on it is just unreal.

The final track is called "Stars" and it certainly ends the album with a haunting feel at the very very end so you end up having a certain kind of closure to the outstanding record.

This is a full record that is like opening a storybook and reading it all the way through.

Everything about this record was graceful and intuitive, flowing, semi-dreamy, vast, cinematic, and engulfing.

Absolutely beautiful piece of work from Keltrix.

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