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A Killer Single Release From The Cool And Deadly

A fresh rock banger from The Cool and Deadly brings on a high energy sharp riffed and head banging thrashy metal track that comes off danceable and catchy as well as hard hitting.

"Hold Fast" is brutal musically and vocally it's smooth and melodic which brings to mind bands like The Misfits and that's saying a lot because you just don't get this flurry of guitar madness which by the way includes a harmonizing breakdown and absolutely outrageous solos, and that style of singing combined anymore.

The cool thing is that they incorporate other styles like indie-and garage rock in there with the punky thrash metal and it's all completely fun as hell.

These guys clearly have a great time doing their thing and it sure is infectious as you find yourself wanting to sing along and mosh at the same time.

This track boasts such a killer sound that really gets your blood pumping, and they aren't afraid to break the genre barriers at all which is quite refreshing honestly.

This single shows the bands attitude as the song is just riddled with character and endless energy that you just thrive off of.

It's so great to hear a track with these styles mixed in together to make such a unique and addictive sound.

But don't take our words for it. Have a listen for yourself and be ready when you do. This one hits like a sucker punch to the back of the a good way of course.

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