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A Killer EP From Sponsored Content

A new EP release from Sponsored Content brings out a dark edged in cinematic progressive rock feel that future some outstanding bass tones along with crazy time changes and signatures and some great guitar work and percussions edgy rock vibe.

The EP is dubbed Off the Grid, and it's got its own atmosphere that it manages to create that somehow begins to swim around in the air that surrounds you so you can be washed away with it all.

Throughout this whole effect you never lose a sense of that progressive edge and character that the band really displays.

Now, the EP consists of 4 tracks but 2 songs.

"Off The Grid" the original version which is outstanding and then a second track that follows that called "Otherside" which is a little bit more jammy and experimental on the production side but still really cool keeps to those jazz undertones and has its own vibe.

The last two tracks of the EP are a live version of "Off the Grid" along with the radio added up the single as well.

That live version has a different feel to it and some added elements along with a slightly different energy, but the staple field is still there.

You also get this strangely theatrical undertone that happens throughout the track as well and it has a way of painting vivid imagery in your head not even with the words but with the music itself.

Something like that is really incredible in terms of sounds creating visuals.

There's a lot about this track that somehow pushes the envelope ever so slightly but also has that familiar almost nostalgic undertone from bands of the late 90s early 2000s that had an almost progressive math rock soundscape.

They take those elements in those influences, and they put their own twist on it and something like this is very well thought out.

There's a lot of detail to pay attention to on this track and. Everything is so perfected but also can feel so sort of loose at the same time.

It's just got that sort of flow to it and that's part of what makes it so unique and special as well.

Fans of certain genres of alternative rock from that underground '90s area will absolutely love this EP.

For example, bands like Primus are an influence that you can hear in the track or at least one that I thought of because I loved that band growing up.

So, they take those kinds of influences and blend in all this other stuff because again, there's that great jazz feel there and it also has its own life, like it's alive and breathing.

This is really deep and had some cool layers to it along with some amazing texture blending and time signature arrangements that blew my mind.

Dive into this one when you can and put on headphones for sure.

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