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A Funk-Rock Opus From Rooftop Screamer

A refreshing album release from Rooftop Screamer brings out a full bodied and edgy alternative pop-rock style that features some incredibly funk undertoned guitar work that touches on elements of a colorful and brandished pop tone.

The Rooftop Screamer II record is brimming with soulful performances especially on those guitars, and a mixture of tones and rhythms that come together to boast a certain kind of energy and atmosphere that's very easy to become attached to.

Throughout the course of the album, you get a few different feels songwriting wise but there's always this glue that holds everything together and it's part of what makes the record connect.

The big thing about this record is that it does have an edgy almost alt rock push, but these songs are insanely danceable and fun.

Right from the first song, it's hard not to get up and start moving. If you're driving, you'll be shaking your ass and your seat in no time flat, and this all comes from that drive and that rhythm that the songs create.

These tracks groove pretty hard and that's where the pop elements come in.

There are no two songs that are alike here which is actually quite refreshing, but there is so much reason to soak in this album from beginning to end especially if you like music with that energy and gusto.

The character and attitude throughout this album even though slightly changing from time to time, has this bursting almost punk rock feel to it even though these songs are not punk rock at all.

It's just those vocals that give off this slight fierceness and fiery tones and attitude. But this works really well with the music especially when you have an upbeat track.

These are songs you can dance around your living room too; you can head bang to some of them, their best turned way loud, and they work super well for a party.

The guitars bounce from heavier and distorted to clean and twangy but either way you still get that same vibrancy which makes everything so well-rounded.

I think the main thing with this record is that these are catchy and fun songs for the most part, but there's also this level of heart that went into them and that is super clear from minute one.

This is a project from an artist that without question, has a real love for the craft and it's refreshing to be able to hear that in the music.

So, when it comes to this sort of impactful funk oriented hard rock, Rooftop Screamer has it down pat.

Groove on this record as soon as you can.




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