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A Fun New Rock Banger from Baby Cruise Music Label

A new release from Baby Cruise Music Label hits hard with a classic pop and alternative rock anthem that comes through his colorful as it does edgy with Incredible refs and an energy that's completely unstoppable right from the get-go while all of this is delivered with a character that you end up just getting addicted to by the end of the song.

"Omega" has a bit of a punk rock undertone at times, but I think that has a lot to do with the almost live energy that's portrayed on the track, but this is also something that makes it so Lush and fun at the same time.

The guitar work on this track is awesome and there's even a great guitar solo and bridge breakdown part that fits super well into the song itself, and the whole thing was arranged with a lot of attention to detail, but without ever losing the pure rock heart and soul that it started with in the first place.

My favorite aspect about this track is that it's a fists-in-the-air, sing-along rock banger but it also hits such a vibrant pop backbone at the same time so you have this punchy track that lets you jump around the room and have fun, but it also gives off that edginess that alternative rock should give.

All the vocals are done with such a gusto and a bit of fierceness to it but it's not in a super aggressive way it's done in a sort of positive light, but it still has that power behind it that simply grabs at your attention.

Lyrically the song shows both sides of the spectrum and talks of certain kinds of struggles and things we keep down inside but also this positive outcome where you push through and so it's very relatable in terms of the lyrical content from beginning to end.

This is the exact kind of energy a track like this needs to push the envelope exactly where it should have, and I enjoyed this level of vigor and vibrancy because it does create a great sort of fiery atmosphere for you to be able to start the day with especially if you listen to it first thing in the morning which is exactly what I did today.

This was a nearly perfect blend of pop rock and alternative rock, a hard-hitting approach but a positive outlook, detailed lyrics that have some emotional drive behind them, and all wrapped up into one sonically driving single.

This is my favorite track released from Baby Cruise Music Label yet and it's one that surprised me a little bit but in the best way is possible.

If you're someone who loves driving and colorful alternative and pop rock, then this track is 100% for you.

Along with the release comes a great animated music video that you'll want to watch along with listening to the track in the first place so we went ahead and embedded that below so you can check it out right now.

Check this out and see what it does for you.

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