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A Fresh Pop Banger From Josy B Has Arrived

A fresh release from Josy B takes a classic pop tonality and brings it into a dance approach and in doing so, lets the genres bleed into each other and create this edgy but bright atmosphere that comes through with a sheen and polish that lets you feel like you've been listening to this on the radio for a few years already.

"Crush" is a lush and full-bodied single that keeps to this smooth approach but gets excitable when that chirus hits. It's got that gusto and color that you want from a slick pop single like this.

There is a great air of sexiness, and the song does have a killer arrangement that lets it breathe.

The artist's vocals are perfect for this track. She comes across with a confident and addictive character and attitude that makes you want more and more.

Plus, this single has that drive that you want from a heavy handed pop song. And when I say heavy handed, I mean musically robust when it needs to be. These are the aspects that keep you listening.

Wanting to get to that chorus again so you can feel that little rush that happens right when it hits.

To get pop songs right, you have to have a good formula and a good hook. It has to be written and arranged right but also performed the way the song calls for.

Josy B manages to pull all of these off without blinking. And it feels good to listen to the release nice and loud.

"Crush" has these little classic elements too that aren't exactly retro pop but hint to it at times which also fills the song with a slight nostalgia if you are of a certain age.

Like I said, it's not full on but it kind of lurks below the surface of the tack at times.

This was crisp but thick and wonderfully written and performed from start to end.

Anyone that has a love for real deal straight up pop music should love this track. I get that that's not everyone, but it certainly accounts for plenty of music heads out there.

Everyone can appreciate this song and the cool thing is that she has a bunch of great previous releases as well!

I'd say to start here and go through her catalogue when you can. It's well worth your time.

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