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A Driving and Anthemic Single from Gareth Lewis

A fresh release from Gareth Lewis brings on a cinematic and driving rock single that feels like an anthemic power ballad that hits hard and pulls at you with massive soundscapes and crying guitar hooks that come through with a powerful impact.

"Things You Love the Most" is an absolute banger and it feels like an awakening to listen to this single with headphones. You can really soak in the emotional undertone and real atmosphere of the songs details like choir style backing vocals.

The track breathes and swells and that seemingly alive approach to the songwriting and performances is intense and has a way of letting you get washed away with the sound.

The track boasts quite a full-bodied style, and you can certainly get engulfed by its magnitude.

One of the best parts of this song, aside from the vocals, is the guitar work which is stellar and really adds a bit of extra depth to the song and its musical hooks.

This was a genuine and heartfelt single that touched on powerful topics and from a character driven standpoint that makes you think.

We like songs that make us think and feel. "Things You Love the Most" gives us all of that and more.

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