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A Compilation Release from Audio Mirage Studios

A new album release from Audio Mirage Studios brings out an eclectic array of tracks that each have their own musical story to tell and each with its own character attached to it, and as the songs unravel, you begin to get a cinematic tone flowing around that utilizes digital and natural instrumentation from keys and beats to guitars and bass and it all has any eclipse.

A lot of the songs on the Miscellania 300 have a vast rock undertone to them and some of them come through as wondrous instrumental pieces while others have more of a full band approach that touches on everything from Indy to pop rock and more.

The instrumental tracks boast a bit of an alternative pop backbone to them and the way the record is laid out gives you a little bit of something different with each track which is wonderful because it never gets old or boring.

It seems that some of these were written for particular artists and some of them were just done out of a pure passion project and no matter which it is you have something that is a bit unique and either very radio-friendly, or something that should be in a soundtrack for a video game.

These are very well put together and woven with attention to detail but it's all sort of refreshing in its own way.

I feel like some of these have never been released, others are remasters of tracks that were remixed and now released on this compilation record of sorts that gives you a glimpse into some more that Audio Mirage Studios has to offer.

We've already seen the likes of many artists come out of AMS and each one of those already has such a unique and eclectic variety of sounds and songs released so you can tell that there are no walls when it comes to genres or soundscapes that the company succumbs to.

To me, this is very freeing, and I like it a lot because you don't really know what to expect next and that's something that works out very well because you're showing a love for music itself and not just for one or two particular genres alone.

Audio Mirage Studios has a passion for music creativity and whether you're a producer, songwriter, or record label, being able to approach it with a more open style is something that is going to end up working out well.

We need a little bit more of this approach in music in general whether or not you are a band, an artist or a record label.

I personally enjoyed the instrumental tracks the most out of this batch of songs because to me, those have something unique to offer and you end up getting sucked into these sorts of little musical journeys which is completely fun because like reading a good book, you were able to use your imagination and when you hear the instrumental tracks they do help paint these vivid kind of pictures in your head or scenarios even at times.

The only thing I wish is that this record was even bigger than it is but even so, I'll take it because it was fun, surprising, and blended different approaches and genres very well.

This was a great compilation release from Audio Mirage Studios, and I would just go from the first track through to the last and then you can hear plenty more from AMS and its artists by checking out the main site.

You can also hear the previous two Miscellania records (100 and 200) on the Audio Mirage Studios Spotify.

Everything is linked below so take the day to explore new music.

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