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A Colorful Release from Padded Waltz

An album release from Padded Waltz delivers an array of lush and vivaciously performed instrumentation that all come together to deliver a beautiful soundscape that blends contemporary pop with jazz and so much more all rolled up into one record that at times gives off such a robust character that you end up getting attached to it straight away.

The 207 album has this sort of drive to it and gusto in the performances by all players involved to the point where it seems like everyone is almost feeding off of each other giving this a live performance sort of undertone half of the time which is something I definitely like because that energy is very colorful and excitable, so it makes the record all the more addictive.

One of the things I love about this release is that at times it feels sort of theatrical like you're watching the scene from a play or something like that and that aesthetic peeks its head in and out throughout the record so when it comes back around you hear it.

You also get elements of sort of vintage songwriting in there too but all of it has a way of complimenting each other instrumentally, and vocally, and the way the songs were even arranged and composed all have this kind of brightness to it that you end up wanting more of by the end.

The main instrument rhythmically is a piano, and so you get this classic piano rock and pop vibe but it is brought into a little bit more of a contemporary and jazz-oriented realm at times but you also get a certain breed of honesty as well and the vocals are sonically very pleasant and performed with a bit of heart and love for the craft which is something I think everyone in this band obviously has.

These guys put this together because they wanted to and because they have a love for doing just that and this is something that shines through with every note played and every second that goes by as you're listening to this record.

This is most certainly an EP that you want to listen to the full way through because if you don't think you're missing out on not only what it's about but some of the range of how the songs are written and delivered.

Plus, you're able to really soak in some of that energy and put it into your day especially if you listen to this record first thing in the morning because that will definitely set a sort of mood for you for the rest of the day and if you don't believe me then just try it.

The musicianship here is outstanding and you can tell that the pianist for example could probably play just about anything but wants to do this sort of excitable and fun contemporary pop project because I'm sure it's a damn good time laying these tracks down and performing them.

If you listen to this EP info, then it has an almost fantastical element to it where it pulls you away from your surroundings and gives you certain kinds of visuals along the way so it's actually kind of an escape or at least it was for me and that's something that I don't get often so when it comes along it's very rejuvenating.

This record was fun, packed with charisma, heart, theatrical tonality, persona, and an excitable energy that's undeniable.

Definitely check this record out when you can and you again, try and listen to it the whole way through because then you're just getting everything you were meant to get out of it.

I understand that we live in a single-based society now and there are some great songs that make amazing singles on this EP. However, listening to the whole thing is the way to go here. You have to trust me.

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